Client Testimonials for Dean

Dean,  You're a joy to work with!! You’re professional, a gifted photographer, kind, patient and fun. Like I said, you’re a good man.

I am over the moon with the photos you took.  You made the spaces really sing and you brought them up to a much higher level than they are in real life. I’m just thrilled! Thank you, thank you!!

Gwen McClure, PlaceIt San Francisco

Seven photo package with five pick ups in an assisted living facility in San Francisco, CA.

I have used Dean for several shoots of my interior design projects. He has superb technical skills and an amazing creative eye. He is very talented and a great listener. Dean is respectful of my opinion and perspective and approaches our shoots as a collaborative effort. I appreciate his patience and the fact that he won't settle for "good enough". He puts in the time and effort until we are both content and proud of the finished product.
Lisa Furtado, Lisa Furtado Interiors

It's been a pleasure working with Dean over the past year, on both our own portfolio and projects on behalf of our clients. His images have consistently exceeded our expectations, while his flexibility and easygoing nature have been invaluable as we work with the narrow windows of opportunity available for photography.
Ruairi O'Connell Design Director at MEI Architects

I met Dean through the ASID California Peninsula Chapter, and I hired him to do my first interior design photo shoot early this year for my first professional competition entry and my website. His ability to capture my designs has been nothing short of brilliant. So much so, that I believe it was a strong influence in the results of the 2012 ASID California Peninsula Chapter's design awards, in which I won Special Recognition for Sustainable Design. He's fast, thorough, and uses up-to-the-minute digital technology to get the best images. I'm anticipating a long professional collaboration with him as I continue to build my business."
Sabrina Alfin Interior Designer: CID, Allied ASID, LEED GA

"You are not only talented but calm, generous, polite, and patient."
Rise Krag RKI Interior Design

“It was great working with Dean. He took the time to compose and light each shot for the best result."
Judith Sayler | CPSM, LEED AP Gordon Prill, Inc.

"Your images far exceed the quality of all architectural photography from the past-- your work is alive!! When uploaded to my website, they blew the others away– clarity, color, sensitivity, sparkle– simply dynamic! Not only is Dean’s photography stellar, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with. From catching minute details to capturing a fabulous setting, he also graciously placed 9' palms. While palm placement was not part of our original intent, Dean understands each session is unique, time frames tight, action key. On target every step of the way– an analytical professional, great person and a true partner for your project. Thank you, Dean, for such grand results! You exceeded all expectations!!"
Loretta Spence Principal at Spence Studio Interiors

"It was great working with you. I think the photos came out great. We like your energy and collaboration during the photo shoot."
Rick Yeh Studio G Architects

“Dear Dean, I’d like to express my sincere thanks for the photography work you did for the house I designed.  I am very pleased with the results.  The photos capture the essence of the design and highlight the right elements.  The lighting in the photographs is excellent.  I really appreciate how you are able to very quickly put together compositions.  You have lots of “tricks” up your sleeve with your photographic equipment, your computer skills and your solutions and ideas and solution that you have developed over your career. I appreciate the discussions we had at the site before the actual photoshoot day.  The discussions helped me in determining what I needed to add for a successful photoshoot. Working with you during the photo shoots is a creative joy.  I appreciate how you put your expertise into the photo and then work with me as a designer to create an excellent product.  It was a wonderful, fun and productive way to spend a day.  And the photographs are an excellent addition to my portfolio.”
Aurora Belarmino

"I am always nervous about working with a new photographer. You never know how the personalities will mesh and (more importantly) just how the photos will turn out. You are very easy to work with and bring a lot of energy on site (even when mine was waning). Not only are there a lot of shots but they are really great quality! I love the Kitchen and Foyer shots but could not find a favorite shot as they are all so darn good."
Joseph Hittinger Joseph Hittinger Designs

"Dean Birinyi is a true artist. His eye for composition is excellent and his lighting, creative. I like to be hands-on when it comes to the photography of my work and he is so easy to work with and I always appreciate his prompt professional service.”
Gina Viscusi Elson, CKD, Allied ASID Viscusi Elson Interior Design

"Dean works really hard to put the client first. He understood that I had a vision and story to tell with the photos, but also that I have a client to please as well. I really appreciate his active collaboration."
Karen Costa Marketing Manager Anderson Brule' Architects

"Dean's work is outstanding, his professionalism on the job sites and with my clients is exceptional and he is a pleasure to work with through the photography process; from first meeting on site to plan the perfect shot until the prints are delivered.  If you are not working with him I would recommend it, as I am sure his client list is going to fill up"
Patrice Greene at DzignIt

"Dean J. Birinyi Photography develops exquisite architectural photography. His eye for detail in composition, lighting, color, contrast, and exposure far exceeds that which I have seen from other photographers in the bay area. From the perspective of an interior designer, he is the only photographer that can properly portray my work at the level that I expect and from the perspective of a once photography major, there simply isn't anyone to comparable to the perfection and quality of his work. Thank you Dean for all of your beautiful photographs."
Angela Rasmussen Principal at H2H Design + Build