Residential interior and architecture photographs by Dean Birinyi

Portfolio of residential interior design and architecture photographs by San Francisco based photographer Dean Birinyi.

Residential Interior Design and Architecture Photography Portfolio

Every photograph I create is a portfolio piece, my clients' portfolio piece. Nothing is more important than that.

Great photographs don't just happen. They're composed.

I prefer to use lighting when I photograph projects. Lighting adds a dimension to the images that you just can't get otherwise.

I photograph architecture and design because I love it. I've never wanted to be anything other than an interior and architecture photographer. It's not just in my blood, it's in my heart and soul.

I work with an assistant because they allow me to maintain my focus on the creative aspects of the photoshoot while they do the heavy lifting: lights, stands, furniture, sweep, dust, move the chair three inches to the left then move it back two, etc. Working with an assistant is one reason why my images have such a highly polished look.

Interior design is an art form. I approach it as art, and I present it as art because interior design is emotive, and almost musical in nature.