Rates in Brief

A brief description of the rates and approaches of Dean Birinyi an interior design and architecture photographer in San Francisco, CA.

Rates for Interior & Architecture Photography:

As an interior and architecture photographer in San Francisco my rates depend on the amount work I do.

Below is a description of the three ways I work, and the rates for each.

I'm happy to tailor all of my approaches to suit your unique needs.

Interior Photographer San Francisco Hourly Fee: $200 + Expenses

Interior Photographer San Francisco Hourly Fee: $200 + Expenses

Hourly Fee: $200 + Expenses

Traditional hourly fee for big production photo shoots: Preproduction tour, no time limits, extensive lighting, moving of furnishings, extensive styling and photographer's assistant.

    • Best for design competition or masterpiece project
    • Dramatic Presentation
    • Formalistic Approach
    • Substantive Content
    • Unlimited License (See below)
    • Preproduction: project tour, styling consultation, shot consultation
    • Photographer's Assistant
    • Eight to ten photographs per day +/-
    • Cost: $1800 - $3200 +/- (See Conditions Below)
    • Follow this link to receive an estimate via email


    Flat Fee Per Photo: $150

    Dynamic presentaiton

    • Preproduction: styling phone consultation
    • Two to three publication quality photographs per hour
    • Cost: $150 per photograph (See Conditions Below)
    • $500 Minimum
    • Interpretive Approach
    • Aesthetically Focused
    • Publication Quality Images
    • Unlimited License (See Below)

    Photo Walk

    • Impressionistic Approach
    • Aesthetically Oriented
    • No LightingNo Styling
    • High Quality, Presentation Ready Images
    • Unlimited License (See Below)
    • No preproduction: Simply a written list of important features and the address
    • Total time spent on site is approximately one hour
    • Deliver ten client select images
    • Cost: $800 deliver ten final client select images (See Conditions Below)
    • Additional images @ $35 each


    Conditions below do not apply to Photo Walk

    • All images on the computer during production and only complete images we deem worth investing time on.
    • I don’t invest time creating sixteen images and then select two. 
    • All images determined to be worth investing time in during production are billed to the client.

    Applies to all Photographs

    • Prices quoted are for interior designers, architects and general contractors for a single client. 
    • Travel beyond a 50 mile radius from photographer's San Francisco office is subject to additional charges.
    • Delivery of high resolution Tiff or JPG files as preferred by client.

    • Usage Rights for Architects and Interior Designers: The Julius Shulman Model

    Julius Shulman, one of the greatest architectural photographers of all time, granted his commissioning clients an unlimited license to use his images for the promotion of their own work for an unlimited period of time, however all third parties were charged an additional fee. This is the model I use.