Old Preproduction In-Depth

An example of preproduction report by  Dean Birinyi, an interior and architecture photographer in San Francisco, CA

Example of Preproduction Report for Interior Design and Architecture Photography

I am big on preproduction.

  • For Design Concept Photography I will spend two to four hours getting to know the project, understanding your design concept, discussing shots and angles, and collaborating on styling.
  • For Editorialist Photography I will invest 30 minutes to an hour discussing your design challenge, your ideas, consulting on styling and planning the shoot.

Below is an example of a preproduction report I did recently. We toured the project and did a thorough job of styling consultation and logisitcal planning.
The project was published in California Home and Design Online.

Good morning, Xxxxxxxxx.

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me yesterday.

Here are my first impressions.

I feel the girls bath is a valid space to shoot because the three spaces can be presented as "all of a piece.”

I like the second shot of the powder. 

I feel the form of the light fixture is conceptually consistent with the shower tile in the master.

The medicine cabinet in the powder and the guest as well as the lower shelf concept and tile pattern are connecting elements that tie the two spaces together.

The marble is the unifying element of the three spaces. The form of the powder’s light fixture is conceptually similar to the tile pattern in the master bath and helps connect the two spaces, but the master is very strong and stands alone quite nicely.

I was surprised by the “mass" of your plumbing fixtures. I like surprises. They’re good design, and make me see things differently.

I plan to write the proposal in such a way to easily include or exclude the girls and the second shot of the powder at your discretion.

However, as I said I feel the three bathrooms would present very well as elements of a larger piece of work both for your book and for publication submission.

We should talk about publication strategy next week when we discuss your presentation.


Scouting shots below:

Good morning, Xxxxxxxxx.

I’ve been giving your bathrooms a lot of thought over the past few days and I have some ideas that I want to share.

On creative:

I sent you a note regarding my first impressions last week. 

I feel these three spaces are so well connected that presenting them “all of a piece” as different elements of a larger composition would be a good idea.

I asked you to think about this concept and would love to hear your thoughts before committing to final shot list.

I had originally thought we should create three images in the master 2 - one point perspectives and 1 - two point. If we are going to submit for publication I feel we should create a fourth image, a two point perspective towards the tub. This will give the magazines the most material to work with.

On business:

I estimating the cost to create the two images needed of the powder, four of the master and one of the girls would be $850.
To shoot only the Powder and Master would be $775.

On publication:

As long as you’re “raising your game” with a new website I would like to advocate that we focus on getting you some press. Editorial publication gives us both a decided market advantage.

There's a catch to editorial submissions. The magazines require the exclusive opportunity to reveal your talent and brilliance to the world. So, neither you or I can put the images on our websites, Houzz, Yelp or even in email until after the project is printed, or declined by the publication. It can take months to get a definitive acceptance, publishers usually decline within weeks.

There are two venues to pitch this project to: Traditional Home and California Home & Design.

CH&D has their “What’s new in Kitchen & Bath” feature in their Fall issue that you would be a candidate for. We would need to shoot as soon as possible and submit ASAP.

Traditional Home has both a “Rising Star” feature and “Small Spaces” at different times of the year. I think you and your work would be a good candidate for either.

I would like to submit your bathrooms to CH&D, whether we shoot only the master and powder. If CH&D declines then submit to Traditional Home.

Please review the numbers, license, payment terms and T&C’s on the following pages and let me know if you have any questions.