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I’ve been photographing interiors for thirty years. I’m proud of my skills and I know how to use them. My theory with supplemental light is that it should enhance the mood, sculpt the space and open the shadows to show detail, but to otherwise be invisible.

Skillfully applied lighting should result in a wealth of shadow and highlight detail with no glare or inappropriate shadows.

My greatest strengths as a photographer are my compositions, lighting and attention to detail.

  • My compositions are strong, energetic and involve the viewer.
  • My lighting tends to have a “creamy” quality, smoothly flowing to fill the space,  enhancing the design by immersing my subject in a beautiful and idealized interpretation of the project.
  • The comment I hear most often is how pleased my clients are that I take the time to arrange the furniture and accessories to make their work look it's best.

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” – Alfred Stieglitz

It's all about communicating ideas, telling a stories. That's what makes interior and architecture photography in the early part of the 21st century exciting.

I love photographing architecture and interiors. That's why I've made it my life.

When I photograph architecture I work to both share my experience of the building and my interpretation of the designers intent. My perception of architecture as interactive sculpture helps me grasp and communicate the design concept.

Interior design is an art form. I approach it as art, and I present it as art because interior design is emotive, and almost musical in nature.  

Dean Birinyi is an interior and architecture photographer based in San Francisco, CA. Dean has twenty-six years specialized experience photographing residential and commercial interiors and architecture. In this time Dean has photographed commercial offices, food service, restaurant, industrial, healthcare, civic, libraries, retail, low income, middle class and luxury homes. Dean's approach when photographing interiors is to create spectacular images that share his experience of the design and communicate the mood, character and emotional qualities of the project in its social and psychological context.

For thirty years I have photographed interior design and architecture exclusively. Prior to this I worked with my father as an upholsterer and cabinet maker to the trade. 

So often it seems that, for me pre-production is the most exciting part of a photo shoot. That is when my imagination can run wild and free. Anything is possible and everything opens new doors to opportunity.

I love working on commercial projects because the scale and scope of the projects is so challenging. I love a challenge.

To excel as a photographer it is important that we be more than good photoshop technicians. We must be masters of composition as well as masters, not just of lighting but of light.

I tell stories with my photographs. I strive to go beyond showing what a space or structure looks like and share my experience of the design. 

This impacts shot selection, styling, scheduling and composition. My visual story telling has always been one of my greatest strengths.

I work with my client as a part of a creative team, most often I am the team leader because I have the best overall picture of our strategic goals and am in charge of the tactics employed to achieve them. My experience in the US Navy, decades of experience as a team leader and career long commitment to professional development of my leadership skills have proven themselves to be invaluable on photo shoots time and time again.

Looking back on my career I find that the images of which I am most proud are the ones that presented me with the greatest technical challenges. I love a challenge.