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Subtlety and Detail

A special treat today. 

The pièces de résistance (for me) of the home I photographed for Bradley W. Blair that was recently published in Cultured Lifestyle, along with two detail images showing the subtle highlight and shadow details that can be brought out with supplemental lighting. 

The pièces de résistance of the project, the master bedroom. Click for larger.

I’ve been photographing interiors for thirty years. I’m proud of my skills and I know how to use them. My theory with supplemental light is that it should enhance the mood, sculpt the space and open the shadows to show detail, but to otherwise be invisible.

Subtle details must remain subtle. Click for larger

Skillfully applied lighting results in a wealth of shadow and highlight detail with no glare or inappropriate shadows. Click for larger.

There are many who would argue that the same effect could be achieved with computer manipulation of several images, and this is true. Call me old fashioned but I approach my work as a photographer with a computer, not a tech with a camera. 

Published in Cultured Lifestyle. Photographed for Bradley W. Blair in Los Angeles.













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