Long before moving to San Francisco I fell in love with available light when photographing interiors but have always supplemented, or enhanced the available light.

From the chemical film era. Designed by Jeffrey Elliott and published in Colorado Homes and Lifestyles. Photographed with a mix of available light and strobe. Lots of strobe light from my 30 Lbs. Speedotron as I remember it.

  • When I learned to photograph interiors back in the early ’90’s it was imperative that we use supplemental lighting. 
  • The chemical film process had restrictions that could only be overcome with supplemental lighting.
  • I have always used supplemental lighting with a delicate and disciplined hand, working only to enhance the character and emotional context of the spaces I photographed.
  • Today it’s easier to work with available light, but I still prefer using some supplemental light on most of my images, much less and with much greater finesse now than back then, but I still feel it make a difference for most residential and commercial interiors.

A hotel I recently photographed for Jackie McGee of CBT Architects. Primarily available light with just a touch of fill light from my smallest battery operated flash unit.