People often ask "Are you flexible and easy to work with?"

I’ve learned that when people ask that question they usually mean “Are you going to listen to me, respect my opinion, do what I ask you to do, and create the image I need?”

I think, for me the best answer to that is “Every photograph I create is a portfolio piece; your portfolio piece.”

Creative collaboration is my policy, my practice and my preferred working style.

  • I try to adopt my client's vision by listening and learning what they envision the photograph to be to understand what they are thinking, feeling and trying to say in their designs.
  • Collaboration is one very important reason why my photographs are so good; they benefit from the combined talent, experience and vision of my client and myself.
  • As an interiors photographer in San Francisco I enjoy being in the unique position of a professional artist collaborating with another professional artist to create their portfolio.
  • I want my images to showcase the talents of my client, to speak of the value of their unique creative vision in their own voice.
  • To achieve this goal I ask a lot of questions at every stage of the process: pre-production, production and post production, actively seeking creative input from my client's.

Through active collaboration we leverage our combined talents, vision and experience to create spectacular photographs that capture the character and emotional context of my clients work.

Private Residence, Los Altos Hills, CA
Design by Angela Victoria Rasmussen and Taryn Myer of House2Home Design and Build.