At last weeks Designer’s Wednesday I attended a seminar on Social Media for Interior Designers given by John Van Dinther from Two Hats Consulting at Baker, Knapp & Tubbs in the SFDC.

As an interiors and architecture photographer I attend the Designer’s Wednesday seminars because:

  • I want to meet interior designers in San Francisco.
  • I apply what I learn to my own business.
  • The insights I gain help me do a better job of understanding of my clients.
  • I share what I learn with my clients as a value added bonus to working with me.

John discussed many aspect of social media marketing and how to use it:

  • One telling point about channel selection that cannot be stressed enough is that if you’re uncomfortable with a channel: Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. you shouldn’t use it.
  • He extended this to other marketing channels as well: in person networking, cold calling, etc.
  • His point was that if you don’t like it you won’t do it well. You should focus your energies on channels you are comfortable and will allow you to excel.

John stressed blogging as only way to implement a Search Engine Optimization strategy. He suggested:

  • Keep your posts short
    • It’s the internet
    • You’re not John Steinbeck.
    • Get to the point.
  • Using bullet lists rather than paragraph structure
    • Bullet lists make it easy for the viewer to assimilate your ideas.
    • Bullet lists save you time, because the writing is informal.

John also offered as a resource to learn about blogging for SEO, and strongly suggested outsourcing the writing.

Girls Bathroom for Sabrina Alfin of Sabrina Alfin Interiors

And since I am an interiors and architecture photographer I feel a need to include one great interior.