The big news is my Instagram account. I’m really enjoying that and learning a lot about what is happening in the field of photographing projects.

Take a look:

I’ve also added page to my website that displays my Instagram feed. I’d like to hear what people think. Let me know if you have a moment.

I also get the opportunity to show some of my artistic and landscape work, which is a lot of fun. I need to apply a lot of discipline though. After all is said and done it is a channel for my professional communications.

Now it’s going to be hash tags, hash tags, hashtags.

I also just got my new office in San Francisco. A fine workspace for me, but I’m embarrassed to show it. There’s no special design, furnishing or lighting to speak of, except the LED bulbs and my 20 year old Danish adjustable desk which never gets adjusted, but is very ergonomic for me and my needs. So, maybe after I get settled in and have a chance to customize.

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AuthorDean Birinyi