Recently I was given a questionnaire to fill out in preparation for writing a new bio. One question that was asked was regarding my artistic influences in relation to my work as an architectural photographer. My response was that Surrealism is the greatest influence on my work.  I feel they masterfully communicate abstract ideas that are fundamental to the human experience and complex emotional concepts through visual media.

"Castle in the Air" M.C. Escher
1929 - The Italian Period

This image by M.C. Escher “Castle in the Air” is a shining example of this.

My interpretation of this image is an allegorical representation of the idea of the obstacles encountered reaching for higher goals.

The man on the back of the turtle in a vast expanse of featureless ocean is representative of our experience of daily life, our current, mundane reality. The man is reaching up into the sky towards castle floating far beyond his reach.

When I look at this image I feel the dismay of the man, but I also feel the hope he holds in his heart, that by his efforts he can reach out and change the nature of his reality.