Last Friday I and my crew pulled a double shift to shoot the interiors of the Chinese Hospital in San Francisco.

From the left we see my first assistant, Ellen Williams, Model Carol Kuong, Interior Designer Kai-Yee Woo, my second assistant Josh Franta (foreground), stylist and consultant Andy Hill and myself, Dean Birinyi behind the camera. Michael Wang the project manager is taking this photograph.

Not shown are the five other models and all the members of the hospital staff and construction contractor that helped us throughout the day.

16 hours is a long day, but interior photography of hospitals presents unique regulatory challenges that require going above and beyond.

I was really in my element that day. The pressure was on and the scheduling was tight. Everything had to work perfectly. Thanks to my experience, the leadership training I got in the US Navy and the commitment of my team, with only one easily resolved complication everything went the way I had planned it.