A blog that focuses on the photography of Dean J. Birinyi, an interior and architectural photographer based in San Francisco, CA.

Seven things to know about working with me.

My photographs are impressive, my compositions strong and my lighting is masterful because I work hard to make it so, but there is more to choosing an interiors photographer to work with than the quality of their work. 

Below are seven fundamental aspects of myself that my existing clients value and appreciate. 

  1. I value honesty, integrity, kindness, patience and loyalty above all else.
  2. I am punctual by nature and bring respectable technical skill, decades of experience and a mature creative talent to the table.
  3. I am willing to say the hard things with tact and compassion.  - If a photograph my client has requested is not a good photograph I will say so, offering alternatives and ways to make it better.
  4. I actively seek input and ideas from my clients and other members of my creative team, by paying attention the their non-verbal language as well as their words I gain deeper insights into the design and a broader perspective on what my client envisions.   
  5. I am disciplined, adaptable and persistent, once I have developed a vision for an image I stick with it until that vision is achieved, but... 
  6. I will always respect your requests, follow your instructions and adapt to circumstances as needed. 
  7. My client sets my goals, then I take the lead. I acting decisively working to achieve our goals and do it beautifully, creating images that are descriptive of the designers artistic intent, while capturing the mood and emotional qualities of the space along with the social and psychological context of the design.

 If these are qualities you find desirable in a photographer, please call me. Whether you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, or not we should be working together.