I feel it's important to speak with my clients face-to-face when discussing their work. 

It's not the words a designer chooses to describe a project that helps me understand their ideas, but their expression, the lift of an eyebrow or a subtle hand gesture as they talk about their work that gives me the insight I need to "get inside their head", capture the designers intent and communicate their design concept.

This is the way we used to do it before we had email. 

Snowflake Ceiling for Patrik Davis Associates

Snowflake Ceiling for Patrik Davis Associates

It’s more time consuming, and difficult to coordinate schedules to arrange a face-to-face meeting than to send a five line email while waiting for your next meeting to start, but the end result is worth it.

The project took months and often years to complete, you personally have hundreds and maybe thousands of man hours invested in it. 

The photographs I create are going to be in your portfolio for twenty years or more.

I can’t imagine better reasons to invest time in talking about what you did.