I just posted a new gallery that showcases many of the projects I have photographed throughout my career that have won design awards. I’m proud to have contributed to my clients success over the years and look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

The list is incomplete because I’ve contributed to over 150 award winning entries over the past thirty years. I don’t have time to prepare an exhaustive presentation. These 70 odd images communicate my idea effectively.

For the past thirty years of my career as an architectural photographer I have focused my energies and efforts on collaborating with my clients as teammates working to communicate the design concept and the mood of the design specifically for design competition.

2013 NARI Silicon Valley META Award
Design by Lisa Sten, Harrell Remodeling



Winning a design award requires a lot of effort and time. The most important part, of course is the talent and vision of the designer. The photographer you choose can make or break a presentation because the judges, publishers, etc. will never have the opportunity to experience your work first hand.

Good photographs for design competition need to not only show what a project looks like they must also communicate the design concept and share the experience of the design.

Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area it is rare that my clients do not win an award when they enter a competition because not only is their work fantastic to begin with, we combine our knowledge, experience and skills to craft a presentation that captures the inherent qualities of their designs.