I attended a meeting of the Professional Photographers of Santa Clara Valley last night. The guest speaker was Ken Skulte, one of the Canon Explorers of Light.

• His presentation was very inspirational. I appreciated his creative outlook and dedication to the art of photography.
• He advocated for patience by explaining the need to tour his location prior to deciding what, when and how to create his photographs, and waiting for conditions to be just right, not just snap whatever shot is available and make it better in photoshop.
• He strongly advocated for the need to pre-visualize your images. This is a technique made famous byEdward Weston. Weston would visualize not just what his composition would be, but also how the final print would be made prior to creating the photograph. This takes time and a lot of concentration. This is a technique that I rely on quite heavily and one reason why my images have the tailored presentation they do.

Unlike many presentations I’ve attended lately he, like me is of the opinion that you need to have the right tool for the job. He said on a simple shoot he will carry four cases of equipment. I usually have at least seven - camera, computer, tripod, lights, stands, light modifiers, and extension cords. (Yes, I have one case for extension cords alone.)

The most memorable moment of his presentation, for me was when he displayed this image as he was talking about the need to stand and wait for an hour and a half for conditions to be just right for the image he visualized.

It’s a perfect illustration of the nearly superhuman effort, dedication and sacrifice that goes into creating a presentation of delicate fluid grace of being En Pointe.