Every so often, I like to revisit my archives to see how my journey is unfolding. Recently, I was surprised to discover a copy of my very first promotional piece from April 1992. I had just left my last job working in commercial photo labs on March 13, 1992 and was thinking about sending out my first marketing card as an architectural photographer, when Darcy Bisker, who was Vice President ofCies Sexton Photographic Laboratories, suggested I try their product called a Pre-Cies Image.

Darcy was very nice and more helpful than I ever expected her to be. She helped me select images and design the page layout. She even guided me in writing the accompanying letter:


After five years of self guided study and learning from expert photographers I have, now, set out to provide the finest architectural photography to the interior design industry. My first hand experience in photographic labs guarantees you the highest quality prints and transparencies for your portfolio or for reproduction. In addition, my background in fine art photography has instilled in me a sensitivity to design, form and structure that enables me to be consistently documentary and accurately interpretive no matter what the scale or complexity of the project involved.

Please find enclosed a small sampling of my work. I will be calling you in the near future to ask for the opportunity to show you my portfolio.

Then and Now

You can see a digital copy of those images on the left next to my most recent “Pre-Cies Image” on the right. Theapproach worked out great; the piece showed my work well, and combined with my natural persistence and lots of cold calling, opened the doors I needed in order to begin photographing residential interior design. I still use a variation of the Pre-Cies Image format to present my marketing images today.

I’ve come a long way in 30 years! The award referenced in the card on the left was the award I won for “Perspective on a New Day” that I shot as a line study. You can read more about that image in this blog post. Today, I am proud to say that I have contributed to over 150 commercial and residential design awards in my career.

Closing Thoughts

At the start of my career, more than anything else, I photographed what I was told to, which is appropriate for a novice. Now, her in the San Francisco Bay Area I work to interpret the artistic intent of the designers and communicate my intuitive understanding of their design concepts while showing their work as an expression of artistic talent and creative vision. With decades of experience and advanced skills with lighting, composition, and technique, I’m able to leverage my mature talent to help showcase the value of my clients’ creative vision and expertise.

I’m deeply grateful for the help I’ve received along the way and am excited to see what the next thirty years here in the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer.