My goal was to create glory shot at dusk, my intent was to show the scale of the project and to enhance the retail application of the mixed use design.

San Antonio Center, Dusk
Mountain View California
Created for Ankrom Moisan Architects

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I shot this dusk image just after sunset from the roof of a retail island on the property because the sunset light would bring out the dimensionality of the building and create a romantic mood (my assistant wasn’t on hand because my insurance doesn’t allow employees on a roof). I knew the dichroic tiles would be capturing reflections of the sky giving them a strong presence in the image and adding and energy that would balance the strength of the Safeway sign.

We didn’t illuminate every window of the residential towers because we wanted to create and air of authenticity that is very highly prized in the New Urbanism movement. This is also why I included so much of the parking lot filled with cars and blurry people walking around. It gives the project context and anchors it in reality of the proposed viewer. I idealized the presentation of course, but it's not perceived as fake.

Architectural photography at sunset is a challenge that requires a lot of discipline and patience because there is a two minute window of opportunity when all the interior and exterior lighting is balanced and you can capture the dramatic mood of the scene. Architectural photographers know you need to be in position well ahead of time to get everything set up and make all of your compositional and styling decisions ahead of time. Once that magic moment arrives there is no time to make little adjustments because you cannot review them to be sure they were done right.


I created this stunning image for Ankrom Moisan Architects out of Portland, OR