Recently I was asked to photograph two hotel rooms for CBT Architects out of Boston, MA.

Here you can see two of the images from Villa Florence Hotel in Union Square in San Francisco, California. (Click images for larger versions.)

I enjoy photographing interiors and feel this is where an architectural photographer can really let their talents shine. Photographing interiors is much more complex than exteriors because not only do we have to time our photographs just right, we also need to do extensive styling and lighting. Although in the past few years I have been using less and less supplemental lighting there are still times when lighting a space is the best way to do the job.

These images were shot using the available light as my primary light source, fortunately it was a bright room with sunlight filling the light well to create dimension to the image. I used one of my battery powered light units because we only needed enough light to open the shadows.

I think it worked out quite well and I am very proud of the result.