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Still Waters Run Deep

I believe attention is easy to get. All it takes is a loud voice, boorish manners or a disregard of the "social norms" of a group. And as Seth points out it provides a short term benefit at most.

Trust and attention, the endless dance

The two scarce elements of our economy are trust and attention.

Trust is scarce because it's not a simple instinct and it's incredibly fragile, disappearing often in the face of greed, shortcuts or ignorance.

Trust takes years of work, and interactions that prove your trustworthiness over and over again. It's not flashy, in fact quite often it's boring and results in little more than a quiet acknowledgement of a job well done, a challenge addressed or a conflict resolved. The value of trust cannot be measured because the benefits go beyond getting a lead, or making a sale. They go towards building a relationship that will provide a return on your mutual investment in building trust many times over many years.

Gaining attention is like riding the boiling white water rapid - it's exciting and provides a heart stopping thrill. Trust is like the calm waters of the mountain lake upon which you can peacefully, and safely float - still waters run deep.