Recently I was recruited to work with HIP Housing, a local NFP that provides subsidized housing in San Mateo County  to people in need. They needed photographs all of their properties to post to their website, as collateral and for use in fundraising activities. My instructions were to show that their properties are well cared for and pleasant places to live. I did the best I could by doing a pre-production tour of the properties to develop a production schedule and identify the most appealing features of the projects, as well as address any challenges that might crop up. The pre-production tour is an invaluable tool to use when shooting architecture or interior design, no amount of verbal consultation or written description, review of renderings or studying of plans can give me the feel of a project and prepare me to excel in my efforts the way a simple 10 minute walk around the building can.

Dean Birinyi Architectural Phpotographer Volunteers to Help NFP in San Mateo, CA

Today I received a call from the Kate Comfort Harr, Executive Director as she was viewing the proof gallery linked below. She was very pleased and offered me so many compliments it was making me embarrassed. I'm glad I could use my talents, skills and experience to make a difference for our community.

This is a gallery of the shots I did of their properties...