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SPUR San Jose Lecture on Achieving Good Urbanism

Yesterday I attended a lunchtime lecture at SPUR San Jose. These are great events with excellent speakers. Yesterday Nan Ellin, Chair and Professor, Dept of City & Metropolitan Planning, City & Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah was sharing her ideas about how to move to the next level of sustainability in urban planning. [youtube]

I'm interested in learning about the new urbaism because it seems to be the future of our development here in the SF Bay Area. As an architectural photographer I find learning about the needs, challenges and demands of the architects, developers and city planners who are my clients helps me do a better job of sharing their vision and achieve both their short term and long term goals.

Prof. Ellin explained that we have the knowledge to build sustainable communities. Here in the SF Bay Area we also have the will at the grassroots level and the financial means to achieve the dream. Every day there are more people trying to build a life here because it’s already a great place to live. If we want it to remain so we have to plan intelligently.

I found this youtube video of Nan Ellin giving a lecture on the same subject in 2012. It contains a lot of the same material as the lecture at SPUR yesterday. If you get the chance to attend on of her presentations I would strongly recommend you do so. She’s a wonderful speaker and a rational visionary.

I hope you enjoy it and learn something worth while.

Dean Birinyi