Midcentury modern style livingroom I was speaking to a consultant recently and the conversation turned to post-production processing of the images I create. I told her that I do very little post production work on my images anymore.

I’ve learned the best thing to do, much like when we worked with film and 4x5 cameras in the chemical era was to work at making the photographs the best they can be before we shoot the image. This saves time and money because the images are great right from the start.

Ansel Adams once said “there is no photograph that can’t be improved in the darkroom.”

There is and always will be some post production manipulation of the images; that’s part of the artistry of photography.  I always work to perfect my vision in post production. But that is normally the extent of it - perfecting the photograph.

Spending hours on the computer tweaking a photograph in the computer is a foolish waste of time and resources when we can spend five minutes fixing the problem on site, or better yet before the shoot begins. I would much rather address the challenges that we face at the time we face them, that way our time, energies and budgets can be applied to the creative endeavors we enjoy and give us the greatest return for our investment of time and energy.