This has been the biggest challenge in my specialty within the industry.

Learn, Unlearn And Relearn: How To Stay Current And Get Ahead To succeed today you must be in a constant state of adaptation – continually unlearning old ‘rules’ and relearning new ones. That requires continually questioning assumptions about how things work, challenging old paradigms, and...

(posted to LinkedIn by Samuel Fajner, Principal, VP Client Relations & Development TEECOM)

I tell people that back at the turn of the century "they" reinvented the wheel and did a really go job of it. However, they never stopped reinventing that wheel and ever since I've had to run just to keep up. I see this everywhere these days and not one person I know hasn't experienced technology burn out at one time or another.

The people I see that are weathering this storm best are those who are good at delegation. They know they can't do it all, so they turn to those who can do it better and let them do their job.

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Residential Exterior at Dawn with Reflections