I work to capture the mood of the space as it was intended to be used when including people in a photograph to elicit a visceral response from the viewer by connecting with their emotions, needs and desires. Color lifestyle image of residential interior deisgn with a mother and daughter sharing quality time.

The theme of this photograph was “Quality Time” which is also it’s title. My goal was to illustrate how the family room was designed to be used. I was working to evoke a deep seated feeling of satisfaction in the viewer by including the woman and her daughter in the

shot. We not only showed the wonderful design and sun filled space we showed how great the homeowners life could be if they had a space like this.

Timing was critical the sun had to fill the space without glare or intruding into the image, missing our window of opportunity by as little as 10 minutes would have compromised the mood of the photograph.

We hired professional models from City Model Management for this shot. The expense for hairstyling, makeup and models was well worth it. (As they say “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.”) The talent and skill of the models allowed shows in the way they casually interact with the displaying just the right amount of emotional connection in both their expressions and body language. You can’t get those results, on cue from the junior architect and marketing assistant.