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Thought Leader Video: Russ Nichols, Principal, RMW architecture & interiors, on the Evolution of High Tech Campus Design


I’ve recently added video production to my repertoire as part of my reinvention as a content creator for the A/E/C industry.

This video featuring Russ Nichols, Principal, RMW architecture & interiors is an example of my concept of a Thought Leader Video, where a firm principal, associate or project manager speaks on their specialty. The idea is establish architects and designers as experts and leaders in the industry by sharing what they have that is most valuable, unique and sought after: their intellectual capital and professional expertise.

I kept the presentation simple to ensure the focus is on the content of message, but I am a minimalist. If our content is strong there’s no need for flash and glamor. We need to produce good, clean, professional quality work but we don’t need to go over the top and rival Star Wars, setting new standards of quality and creativity with every production. I feel a “Days of Our Lives” approach, where we focus the attention of the audience on powerful content and storytelling seeking to engage our audience on a personal level.

Other advantages of the minimalist presentation is to control the cost of production and production times. Star Wars quality productions require astronomical budgets, whereas Days of Our Lives quality work, while being far from cheap can be produced for about the cost of a days still photography.

Traci Vogel Marketing Communications Manager of RMW architecture and interiors played a big role in the success of this video and the other six in the series. Her writing, and direction helped create the powerful and engaging content by crafting a compelling message and ensuring we stayed with it.

The project wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without her contribution, and I will be forever grateful to her.

The Thought Leader Video as seen here is only the first phase of video integration. The next step is creative interpretation of architecture with video as the medium. I’m working on that now and will have something to share shortly.