Several months ago I populated my LinkeIn profile with samples of my work. LinkedIn liked what they saw and asked if they could use my profile in the promotions. After thinking about that for a few milliseconds I jumped at the chance to get some free publicity. Here’s the questionnaire they sent and my responses:

Q:Why did you upload visual content to your LinkedIn profile? A: “Fish where the fishes are.” I use LinkedIn as a primary channel of communication with my leads and prospects because they all use LinkedIn on a regular basis themselves. My goal for the content I upload to my LinkedIn profile is to answer the most basic questions raw leads have about my work right away, the “nickel tour” you might say. If they like what they see and want to know more they can take visit my main website and see my work show cased in all it’s glory.

Q: How has uploading visual content to your LinkedIn profile helped you in your career? A: I get more good calls and fewer fishing expeditions. Uploading content to my profile gives my leads a preview of my work while they’re learning about me and my career. This helps drive qualified traffic to my website by answering the most common questions about my work. Since uploading content to LinkedIn the bounce rate on my website has gone down dramatically.

Q: What are your tips for other LinkedIn members? A: I always quote Colleen Wainright whenever someone asks this question “Be specific, be useful, be nice.”