Which of these three is at the core of your market sector?
Which is at the core of your business?


Beyond geography

The original business was a lemonade stand. At least metaphorically.
Geographically based, this sort of business offers the following proposition: We are physically convenient to you, and you won't pass another business on the way here that offers you a transaction you will like more than ours.
Originally, of course, this meant on your block. Now, it means within a drive, with good parking. Or any choice that's based on scarce options due to proximity.
The geography-based business is real-estate driven. The right neighborhood with the right rent is a good thing, a natural disaster or the decay of your neighborhood, a bad omen indeed.

I've had two very frustrating experiences this recently while marketing my architectural photography services.

One was a cold call I made to a prospect whose office is twenty miles away from me whose major objection was that I was too far away for him to work with. Immediately after hanging up the phone after I received a call from another prospect whose preferred photographer was based eighty miles away from their office, which is another twenty, or more form their target market.

"One man's meat is another man's poison."

Both of these examples show the long term futility of any other than the community based model. The person who wants to work with their closest neighbor is will pay a higher price for lesser quality because it's his neighbor, and he probably gets better service because of it. The person who brings the service provider in from a different market has proven they will go to any length to get a lower price, neither service or quality are of value to them.

This is why community building is necessary in today's ever more challenging market place. We need to build strong personal connections within our market sectors with the people who we want to work with and who want to work with us. The only way to do that is to meet people, learn about them and build relationships that go beyond making the sale and handing the customer over to the technicians.