In the embedded TedX video Josh Kaufman explains how we can develop respectable proficiency with any skill in just 20 hours.

My own experience validates his theory. I recently began producing, directing and editing video to develop a new skill set and offer additional creative services/products to my clients. At first it was incredibly difficult, time consuming and frankly very frightening, just as our speaker suggests, because I was exploring new territory. I discovered that after only a few days of work on any single aspect it suddenly became much easier to do and the time invested was approximately 15 to 20 hours per skill set.

It’s true that to develop mastery of a skill an investment of enormous amounts of time is required, but all you need to do a job and do it well is a degree of proficiency that allows you to be in command of and control the process rather than being controlled by it.

I was very pleased when Josh Kaufman pointed out that reading dozens of books and spending thousands of hours studying theory and technique wasn’t really necessary to do something reasonably well and with professional polish. What’s really needed is a command of the basics and the willingness to do the best you can, not expecting perfection but only good clean positive results.

AuthorDean Birinyi