I’m really pleased and proud that my award winning client Sabrina Alfin was featured on the House of Turquoise blog. They wrote up her award winning project in Pacific Grove and did a really nice job of it.

Check it out...
ASID Sustainable Deisgn Award Winner
Pacific Grove Residence
Sabrina Alfin
Sabrina Alfin Interiors

I was really impressed with House of Turquoise when I checked their page source code and found out they don’t use the “nofollow” tag on their blog. This means the search robots will follow the links in the article and that gives the target website an SEO kick which means both Sabrina and I will show up a little bit higher on the list when a search engine provides a search result. That’s value for us in return for the value we gave them and that's classy.

Far too often I see people featured on a blog but when you check the code you find the blog owner will only “damn them with faint praise.” If anyone, magazine, blog or whatever want’s to feature your work make sure you get something more than a warm feeling, check the page source code and see if they give you value or if they reserve all the benefit for themselves.