A good article on the current theory of workplace design from a thought leader in the field.

It's worth five minutes to read, and another five to think about.


When I asked Tom Krizmanic, principal at STUDIOS Architecture in New York and a juror for the Metropolis/Business Interiors by Staples design competition, about the Future of Work, he launched into a preamble before he got to my questions. Here he tells a brief story of the evolving knowledge worker, his own approach to designing workplaces today, and his thoughts about the future of work.
“For me the future of work is not where I am, it’s what I’m thinking. And if it’s something I’m thinking, then how efficiently and effectively can I get it out of my brain and into everyone else’s brain.
“Work for me is about ideas. Of course, there is other work I have to do, like respond to emails, write proposals, proofread drawings, attend meetings, etc., but when I’m really achieving something I am moving ideas around in my head, and frequently I’m not even at my place of work when this is happening! I’m alone on the subway, in a cab, the elevator, eating lunch, reading the Times on my phone (my mind wanders) – really, anywhere.