Some friends came in from out of town this weekend and we took them on a tour of the lesser known tourist attractions around San Francisco.

Palace of Fine Arts

And we stumbled on a classic car show being held at what was the Exploratorium before they moved.

A Messerschmitt 
It looks like an aircraft cockpit on wheels and was produced
in the late 1940's just after the war. Really cool little car.

We went to Fort Point

And after dinner we headed down to the Embarcadero to wait for sunset and to see the Bay Lights. We wer early so we had time to play around a bit.

"Cupid's Span"

The bay lights were cool but they are beginning to malfunction pretty seriously. The whole show is compromised Fortunately I have video from when everything was working perfectly.

I'll post a longer version that focuses on the lights later this week or next.