We need early adopters of any technology. People who are willing to pay the price to be first make it possible to economize the technology and bring it to the mass market.

Wilburforce Foundation is one of those market leaders, and their capital comes from the tech industry.

Early Microsoft money is behind new, super-green campus in Ballard (slide show)

Located at 2034 N.W. 56th St., just east of the public library, Greenfire Campus has 22 geothermal wells and other sustainable energy sources. A goal of the project is to be the cornerstone of an energy district that neighboring buildings can tap into incrementally. 
The mix of uses provides variable energy demands so that heat and energy can be stored and transferred to areas of the campus when needed. The geothermal wells, along with photovoltaic and solar hot water systems, make this possible.
It was not inexpensive to build. Construction cost $240 per square foot, excluding the parking, said Bob Wicklein, a principal with Seneca Group, the Seattle company that managed the development of the campus. A traditional building of a similar scope would cost between $205 and $210 a square foot. 
Monthly rents for the 18 apartments in the north building reflect the cost. Units range in size from 510 to 1,515 square feet and go for $1,695 to $5,695. Some units come with large outdoor patios, but parking, storage space and all utilities are extra.