Today’s the big day.

Only one of the stunning images
included in my slide deck.
My teammate, Brian Collazo and I have both worked really hard over the past two weeks to create a rebranding strategy and come up with an advertising campaign for the Silicon Valley Business Journal Create-a-Thon. It’s been a challenge because we both had our jobs to do and Brian also had classes.

We’re presenting our campaign tonight at the Capitol Club in San Jose beginning at 7:00 PM. We’re fourth in the line up and have fifteen minutes to present to a three judge panel, there are nine teams and the winner will be announced by Friday the 10th.

The prize is $25,000.00 of advertising in the Business Journal. It’s a really big deal.
Wish us luck.


P.S. Last Thursday I attended a professional development seminar by Marion Thatch and Susan Murphy. I learned many new things and am looking forward to applying what I learned. I'm much more confident about our chances thanks to what I learned.

*Update: There will be five people on the panel, and I am up fifth. I speak at 7:00 PM.