I’m seeing the modern tech workplace evolving into something not unlike an arcology. By using sustainable design techniques and leveraging the available technology designers are creating new tech campuses that are really something to behold.

Unfortunately not everyone gets to work in these architectural wonders. There are many reasons for workplace design to be moving in this direction. The aesthetic preference of the workforce is only one. There is also the advantage of densification for the business, and the status and legacy of such masterpieces.

Amazon changes building design from boxy to spherical (slide show)
Marc Stiles
Staff Writer- Puget Sound Business Journal

Amazon.com is changing the design of one building in its planned Seattle campus. Instead of a square building, the company wants to build a series of spheres.

Amazon.com representatives weren’t kidding earlier this spring when they said they were redesigning one of the buildings on their future campus to be more distinctive. 
What was once a six-story “rectilinear structure” is now “a series of intersecting spheres.” That’s how Amazon describes the change in a packet submitted to the city of Seattle.
A city board is scheduled to review the new design Tuesday. The spherical structure is designed by Seattle-based NBBJ, which is also creating Google's new campus in California's Silicon Valley.


(From Wikipedia: Arcology, combining "architecture" and "ecology",[1] is a set of architectural design principles aimed toward the design of enormous habitats (hyperstructures) of extremely high human population density.)