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Google Glass on the Street in SF

The Real Deal: Google Glass and it's developers
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Arthur C. Clark said "Any sufficiently advanced
technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Google Glass isn't there, yet.
I was returning from an SMPS seminar on leads development last night and was surprised to see a couple of people wearing the latest iteration of Google Glass. It turns out they were the developers of the tech and were attending the Google IO event at the Moscone center.

Very neat tech. I’ve been wanting a heads up display for years and this is the first one that I’ve seen. I’m not too sure about the verbal interface, but the device is still in development. I’m sure by the time they hit V3.0 the inherent elegance of the concept will be realized.

Here you can see our developer taking my picture while I’m taking her picture. Like I said the concept is inherently elegant, but it’s going to be hard to find the best interface and make it work.