The winner of the Silicon Valley Business Journal Create-A-Thon competition will be informed today. A BIG deal for my business and the career of my teammate, Brian Collazo if we win.

I opted for a minimalist presentation: clean, tight and focused, addressing the judging criteria as thoroughly and effectively as I could with no fluff. I think I made the right choice because all but one of the judges were creative professionals.

This is the handout I prepared. I worked to communicate all my ideas and concepts by focusing on the essential nature of our concept and the campaign. This is what the judges really have to use to decide if I get the prize or one of my other competitors.

My handout in the
Silicon Valley Business Journal 
Create-A-Thon competition
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The suspense builds. Who will win the $25K prize in the Silicon Valley Business Journal Create-A-Thon? Dean Birinyi Photography, Answer Underground, Robert R. Redwitz & Co., The Mmoon Empanadas, NINICO Communications, Tom Sanders Photography, Los Gatos Art Center & Finn's Framing or Los Gatos Dental Center?

Wish me luck. I've got a real good use it.