I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm one of the blessed.
A couple of weeks ago I ran across a competition to win $25K in advertising in the SVBJ. The competition is hosted by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Wells Fargo and CreaTV (the public access cable channels in San Jose).

The goal is to work with design students to design an ad campaign. I made it through the preliminaries on the strength of my concept. “A man should do what he love or what he does best, if they're one and the same he truly is blessed.”

Last night I met my teammate, Brian Collazo from Mission College. He's a bright student a talented illustrator. He's tasked with updating my logo and will be helping with ad layout and graphic impact.

Now we're in the final stage of the competition. We need to design four ads in two weeks. Judging “will be based on creative concepts, as well as how the campaign fits the objective of reaching and influencing the target audience.”

I'm very excited and looking forward to the presentation which is due on the 6th of May. I would rather have another week to work on it, but I'm used to working under greater pressure and tighter deadlines than this.

Check back for strategic updates.

Now I need to begin work on layout. I already know which image to use, but may need to shoot another version to fit the format of the digital ads.

Wish me luck!