Award Winning Kitchen Design
by Angela Victoria Rasmussen
of House 2 Home Deign & Build
Recently I’ve been dealing with quite a few unauthorized uses of my images in social media. In some cases these uses have been the result of human error and in some cases it’s been the result of intentionally misappropriating my images for direct commercial gain. Over the weekend I gave this quite a bit of thought and have come up with a “Rule of Thumb” for when using professional photographs on social media...

Altruism is free, self interest needs to be bought and paid for.

If you share an image from my clients, or my own FB page saying "Hey look what a great job XXXXXX did with X product. Isn't she a fantastic designer/architect/contractor." This is great. There’s lots of good karma because you told others how great XXXXXX was out of the goodness of your own heart. You shared goodwill and in time you will see a positive return because people really like people who give other people credit.

The problems arise when the intent is self-serving, in example that same photograph shared but with this comment "Look at these beautiful lights we have on sale for half off this week" with links to an online catalog page is not a share it’s an advertisement. An obvious commercial use of my images intended to sell product and payment for use of my image should be made in a professional manner.

Intent is everything, and contrition doesn’t fly.


There are tools available to photographers to use to seek out copyright infringements and they're getting better at finding infringements every week. There are even firms who are “buying” the right to seek out and collect from infringers, they’re not forgiving souls. It’s much faster, easier and cost effective to work out a deal with a photographer than it is to deal with Bruno from Bent-Nose Collections.

In the social media marketing intent is everything, if someone is using my image to give my client or myself props and gain good karma I think that’s great and I’ll return the favor. However if the posting is a “take” authorization for use needs to be granted by me, and only me and appropriate payment needs to be made. It’s really easy to find me just send an email, a FB message or call me on the phone - first.