I've been working to build up my LinkedIn profile lately. Double checking the dates are right, and making sure I haven't missed anything I would want professional associates to know.
265 Lytton
DES Architects & Engineers
2012 AIA Citation Award
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I found I had neglected to update my status as a former Board member of ASID CA Peninsula, I was still listed as a new member of AIA and had never added my brief stint as presenter for the Hunter Doulgas Speakers Bureau among a few other things.

I realized earlier this week that I could add presentations to different sections of my profile and decided to put together something that would hopefully drive traffic to my website. You can see the presentation below or copy & paste this link into your  address bar.


DJBPhoto True Talents from Dean Birinyi


In marketing it's important to raise more questions than you answer.

It was interstesting that as I was working on this effort Seth Godin did a blog post titled “Creating a Vacume.”  I've always known that when marketing it's important to raise more questions than you answer, this is an attempt to motivate someone to call you. In his blog Seth said pretty much the same thing.

The timely nature of his post drove my selection of images for this presentation. My goal was to show only enough to pique peoples interest, motivating them to click through to my website.

Unfortunately Slideshare doesn't provide a quick and easy clickthrough to external URLs. So this is still a “work-in-progress” but it's there and it works. Maybe I'll have time to do it again over the weekend.

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