I've been working with my local chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) to produce a seminar on the challenges of social media from a photographers viewpoint.

Some of the topics we'll cover are:
  1. Client Needs-Social Networking
  2. Self Promotion
  3. Rights Grabs
  4. Rights Infringements
  5. Orphan Works
  6. Licensing
  7. Rights Enforcement
It promises to be an interesting program and will be held at Kimball Studios here in Mountain View, CA.

Social hour starts at 6:00 the seminar starts at 7: and runs until at least 9:00 maybe longer. (It's a complex series of topics.)

ASMP members get in free students $5.00, others $10.00. We are seeking new members. I hope every shooter in town will come to find out what our professional association can do for them.


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