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I found this article on selling and quotas. It emphasizes the need for a higher purpose than simply making money as the route to success. I couldn’t agree more.

A quota-driven mindset spirals into the lowest common denominator sales activities. You start competing on cost, not value. You think short-term, fail to understand the customer’s environment, and cannot grasp the link between your products and the client’s need. It’s a slow descent to commodity status.
As the market slowly heats up over the next few quarters a lot of people will find themselves under pressure to increase sales attempting to make up for the slow market of the past few years. It’s a different world out there than it was even five years ago.
A purpose-driven mindset does the opposite: You think long-term. You ask better questions. You understand the customer’s environment. You know their goals and challenges. You know how to link your product to their needs. You gain access to the customer’s senior management. You do all this because your purpose isn’t to make more money; it’s to make your client more successful.
Applying strategies and techniques that worked in the past simply won’t be effective in the modern market. The clients expect more and our response requires a fundamental change in the way things are done at the marketing, sales and production stages.
Ironic, isn’t it? The salespeople who cared about something more than just money wound up selling more than the salespeople who were focused only on quota. This surprising finding led me on a quest to understand what goes on inside the minds of top-performing salespeople and how leaders can replicate that mind-set throughout their organization. After six years of research and 10,000 hours of studying salespeople, the results leave no doubt: a noble sales purpose™ (NSP) is the difference between a merely effective sales force and one that’s truly outstanding.
As the article explains we each need to find our noble purpose and focus on that, to “lead with our hearts” as it were. Doing this we connect with our inner motivation, we are happier and more satisfied in our lives. And this makes us more effective in our work because we're doing something we believe in, not just trying to make a monthly quota.

People have asked "what is your noble purpose?" I help my clients by showing people how effectively their creative ideas work by sharing the joy, wonder and excitement I feel from experiencing architecture and interior design.