Exterior Detail
Ironpoint Officepark, Folsom, CA
Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners  

I always pay attention to the small details: the texture of the tile, the geometry of the walkways, or the color of the window tint. Doing this often presents the opportunity to shoot a very impressive detail image.

Most often people photograph the entire building, or a view that shows the entire lobby all at once. These shots are important but we need to pay attention to the details as well, because it’s all the little details combined that make a project wonderful.

Detail photographs don’t have to be tight close-up shots of a single tile or texture of the fabric as the daylight streams in the windows. Often times a detail shot can be of the corner of the building, or a seating arrangement in the lobby.

To get good detail photographs you simply need to take a few minutes to just stop and appreciate the project, connect with your creative impulses, stop seeing the “big picture” the entire project and start looking at what is right in front of you, right now.

AuthorDean Birinyi