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I’m sorry. I was wrong I did not help my client’s win twenty-six design award in 2012. I helped them win thirty-two design awards in 2012 alone.

My mistake, my apologies...

This past year I have been telling everyone that I helped my clients win 26 design awards in 2012.

I was wrong.

I didn’t know that NARI held their awards ceremony in December. I thought it was in January because that’s when my client told me of the awards they had won. So six of the 26 awards I thought I had won in 2012 were misattributed.

However NARI held their 2012 awards ceremony last week and with the twelve awards won there my awards count for 2012 is now thirty-two distinct awards, one a national award from AIA, ASID, NARI and NKBA.

Dean :D
(I’m a happy camper)
AuthorDean Birinyi