2012 has been a remarkable year: Thirty-two awards, a new work vehicle, new lighting system, new camera and new lenses al on top of my marriage to the most wonderful woman in the whole wide world.

I helped my clients win 32 design awards from four different authorities: AIA, ASID, NARI and NKBA. I take great pride in this remarkable achievement. It is a testimony to both my client’s and my own talents.

There have been many other remarkable changes this year as well:
  • I upgraded my lighting to benefit from modern technology. I had been using the same lighting setup that I bought in the 1990‘s. I made good investments back then because the equipment lasted twenty years, but it was (past) time to benefit from advanced technology.
    • It was so outdated I couldn’t even sell it for parts; it all got recycled at the S.M.A.R.T. station.
  • I upgraded my work vehicle. The van I bought in the 90’s was the right tool for the job but things have changed. The Mazda I have now is more sustainable in all ways and with proper care it should last another 15 years which gets me into the latter days of my professional career.
    • I had driven my ’95 Windstar into the ground, 253,000 miles. I finally gave up on it when the shifter linkage bolt fell out of the steering column. The van was literally falling apart and the mechanic refused to work on it again.
  • Last week I upgraded my camera to the extremely high resolution D800 Nikon and correspondingly high resolution lenses, including one Perspective Control lens with plans to assemble a complete working set of PC lenses by years end (at $2000 a piece these things are not impulse buys.)
    • This camera and these lenses are such high resolution that when testing my new widest angle lens (and people who know me know when I say widest angle I mean WIIIIIDE) I am able to clearly see wall texture, and vein detail in leaves of our houseplants from 35 feet away. Although this level of detail would never show up in an 8x10 the clarity and definition pays off whether in print, on electronic display or slide presentation.

But the truly greatest event of the past year has been my marriage to Erica. December 21 was our first anniversary. We had been together as a couple for five years previously, but being officially married has made a big difference in our lives and how we relate to each other. Marrying Erica was the best decision I’ve ever made. The only problem is the days go by too fast. I want to slow them all down and share them with her.

I'm looking forward to 2013. It's going to be even better than 2012 despite the kabuki coming out of Washington DC.