It is rare to see a professional photograph of architecture or interior design where the lights are not turned on. I always turn all the lights visible in my photographs on, and turn them up as high as I can for my shot whether it’s day or night. I will also turn on lights that can’t be seen but would cast illumination or shadows into the scene I’m shooting or that can be seen in reflection, this helps create the character and emotion that my images are known for.

I’ve been asked if the different color balances of the different light sources causes problems. When there is a color conflict I have multiple techniques to resolve it: I may use color correction filters on the lights themselves or do multiple exposures with different color balance filters on the camera, or I may color correct the lights in post-production. If you’re shooting on your own I suggest you not let the minor color differences bother you, because the impact of the illuminated light source will generally more than make up for the inconsistent color cast.

If correct color is critical you should hire a professional architectural photographer to shoot the job. We  tend to be either highly skilled or masters of photography using mixed light sources.