When photographing architecture and interior design we normally use very wide angle lenses. Quite often we end up with “expansive” foregrounds due to the spatial distortion inherent to the wide angle lenses. I employ creative cropping to eliminate undesirable features in a photograph such as the large, empty expanse of the bed in the photograph above.

Cropping is a traditional technique as old as art itself. If I need a specified print size of a cropped photo, such as an 8x10 for competition I print the cropped image with weighted white borders. This meet the specifications of the competition entry rules and maintains the artistic integrity of the image.

If the image is to be used in an online portfolio the cropping is irrelevant as long as your web designer uses their common sense and problem solving abilities. If an image has the ratio of 3x10 most people will realize it needs to be wider than 4 inches to be able to see it.

Just remember - what you don't see is just as important as what your do see.