Creating a balanced image can be very challenging. One goal of a balanced image is to ensure the viewers experience the totality of the image. An unbalanced image will drawn the eye to a singular position and not allow any attention to be given to other features or aspects of the photograph, balance is comforting and pleasing to the human psyche and we generally want people to be pleased and comforted by photographs of architecture and interior design.

In the image above we worked to balance the visual weight of the stainless steel refrigerator with the white cabinetry on the opposite side of this otherwise symmetrical kitchen. Visually the dark color of the refrigerator is heavier than that of the the white cabinets causing the image to want to “tilt” to the right.

We created more visual weight on the left by placing the canisters with their dark shadows in the corner. We created a “counter spin” in the image by placing the white flowers on the right which increased the luminance values of that side of the image, thereby creating the balance we sought.