Recently while at Moffett Field photographing the shuttle Endeavor as it journeyed to it’s final resting place at the Air & Space museum in LA I discovered an abandoned and derelict Denny’s. It caught my eye as I walked back to my car after the event. I was intrigued because ruins have always held a special attraction to me.

Coincidentally I had recently assigned my assistant the task of photographing a garden shed as a creative challenge. I told her to capture the essence of the shed, to explore and express her feelings of what made a garden shed special. She did a pretty good job. (I’ll post a link once she gets it up on her blog.)

Since I never ask my assistants to do anything I wouldn’t do I went out yesterday morning and shot the series of images titled “Derelict.” I saw this as an opportunity for my own creative expression a personal challenge and assigned myself the job of capturing the essence of this forsaken building.

I worked to capture the loneliness and disregard our society has for things that are viewed as outdated. One of the aspects of this is the location of this old Denny’s in Mountain View, California. Here the entire downtown has been dedicated to becoming a dinning hotspot where you can find anything from Fusion Indian/Chinese fare to Traditional Italian staples to Pepperoni Pizza by the slice. To even find a Denny’s here seems incongruous, and to find it discarded and abandoned speaks volumes for the values of modern American culture, especially the culture here in Silicon Valley.