Today’s Tricks of the Trade article is on timing your photographs for dramatic effect.

All too often I see bad photographs of wonderful architecture and interior design, quite often the reason is the structures or spaces were photographed at a time that seemed to be the least inconvenient for the photographer rather than the best time to represent the essential nature of space.

Mood, character and drama are very important to the photography of architecture and interior design. The time of day you photograph a project will help define these aspect of your presentation. By comparing the images above you can see how photographing a space at noon creates a radically different mood as the same space photographed at dusk.

The mechanical compositions aren’t significantly different, the difference is in the aesthetics. The midday photograph showcases the daylighting of the home, speaks well of the mechanics of the design of the corridor while emphasizing the skylight and furnishings. The sunset shot focuses on the mood and romance of the space, the lighting creates warmth and drama and when combined with the highlighting of the artwork the space is presented as a dreamlike experience.

There’s an old saying I was taught at the beginning of my career “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Time your shots to get as much sizzle as possible.